01 July, 2009

Notes on RAID 5/LVM Installation...

I found quite a few resources on the internet with useful information regarding setting up a RAID 5 system with LVM.

 Setup soft RAID/LVM
Using the 9.04 server CD, I partitioned the 5 disks as follows:
128MB on every disk (set flag to raid) (/dev/sd[a-e]1)
and the rest as a single partition (with the flag set on raid again) (/dev/sd[a-e]2)

I set the bootable flag on /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2 and created a raid array that I formatted using XFS and set the mount point to /boot. I then proceeded with the creation of a raid5 array using /dev/sd[a-e]2 (/dev/md0) and then I set on top of it a partition that had the
flag set on lvm. Using the LVM tool I then proceeded to create partitions:
swap, var, home, root
for the corresponding directories.
I formatted everything as XFS (and mounted them in the appropriate locations)
Then grub was installed per the recommendations on the first link below:
Software Raid on Ubuntu: In this first link and useful suggestion on how to install the boot loader with grub
after the configuration has been completed (Essentially run and install the boot loader on both of the boot partitions)
Ubuntu forums: On this link an interesting suggestion regarding the swap is given. The suggestion is to have
multiple cache files

Once restarted everything seems to be working correctly and the raid array started the sync process...
cat /proc/mdstat

Also it easy to check that the file /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf has been created correctly.
The following link (in Greek) has a very good description of the process as well as the
Greek Forums on Ubuntu describing many details of the procedure.

Chunk sizes and other misc stuff I have left them on their default values. It seems that there are benefits to
selecting the proper stripe sizes but for my system (which is not very heavy load) the difference would be
marginal with a concominant waste of my time.

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